The All-In-One Fruit, Seed & Superfood Blend



3g OMEGA-3  for heart health

6g FIBRE for digestive health

5g PROTEIN for strong muscles

+ Antioxidants

+ Prebiotics
+ 9 Essential Vitamins & Minerals

Ingredients: *Flaxseed Meal, *Flaxseeds, *Sunflower Seeds, *Diced Dates (*Dates, *Oat Flour), *Coconut, *Oats, *Buckwheat Groats, *Chia Seeds, *Pumpkin Seeds, *Chia Meal, *Coconut Flour, *Hemp Hearts, *Cinnamon, *Oat Bran, *Date Meal, *Camu Camu Powder, *Ginger. *Certified Organic.

If you love the taste of coconut, Smile Coconut Whole Food Blend is for you. Coconut is the original superfood - super high in fibre, calcium, magnesium and amino acids.


Smile Wholefood Blends are the easiest and most delicious way to add exceptional natural nutrition to everything you eat. Add it to baked goods, blend it in smoothies, sprinkle it on salads, or  - our favorite - dip your fresh fruits and veggies right into the tub for the most delicious healthy snack you have ever tasted.


Smile is made from only real certified organic ingredients with nothing artificial and no sugar added. All of our seeds, fruits and superfoods are milled using our proprietary PUREMILL™ process to extract maximum nutritional benefit and aid in absorption.


You don't need pills and powders to get exceptional nutrition  - just add Smile. Real whole foods loaded with omega-3s, fibre, protein, antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals.


Put a smile on everything.


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