The All-In-One Fruit, Seed & Superfood Blend


Getting the most out of premium ingredients.

All of our seeds, fruits and superfoods are milled using our proprietary PUREMILL™ process. Each ingredient is milled separately to individual grind specifications to ensure the highest nutrient absorption.


PUREMILL™ is a natural process. Unlike processes like extrusion, synthesis or denaturalization, PUREMILL™ does not alter the natural character of the food.


Our PureMill™ method ensures the right proportion of ingredients are carefully blended to maintain their natural oils, enzymes, flavours and colours for maximum nutritional benefit and absorption.


Different ingredients need to be handled individually to ensure maximum nutritional benefit. PUREMILL™ delivers multiple levels of granulation to ensure peak digestion and absorption of nutrients:





Digestion starts from the moment food enters your mouth. Whole seeds and whole fruits encourage the body to chew. Chewing starts the salivation process which prepares the body for optimal absorption of the nutrients. In addition, chewing has many other health benefits like giving your teeth a workout and removing bacteria to prevent buildup and decay and promote strong healthy teeth. The cracked, milled and powdered ingredients are easy on the digestive system as they are already broken down to absorb easily in the body for the nutritional benefits.


PUREMILL™ is part of our commitment to you to make exceptional nutrition simple, delicious, natural & fun. Try Smile Wholefood Food Blends today and put a smile on everything you eat.

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