Our Process

A Strategic Partner

We take ideas from concept to final production with speed, ease, and confidence.

Our Concept of Quality Assurance

Creating Outstanding Products

Smile's skilled Product Development team is relentless in their ongoing search and development of new, industry-leading solutions. Leveraging innovative in-house formulations in combination with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, we place emphasis on sourcing high-quality ingredients to exceed industry standards within North America.

Over time, we have developed strong relationships with suppliers from around the world, founded in trust and reliability. This has allowed us to work closely with our suppliers and partners to ensure that the sourced ingredients and packaging materials continue to meet our quality standards year after year. 

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Innovation through Technology

Continuous improvement and growth

As an experienced food manufacturer – with over 45 years – we strive for continuous improvement and growth. Our fixation on food has driven industry leading innovations in the food manufacturing sector, simultaneously benefiting our partners and end consumers.

We have three certified facilities totaling 160,000 sq ft in Toronto, Canada. Outfitted with state-of-the-art technology and equipment – from ovens to high-speed packaging equipment and more. Our expansive facilities allow us to meet and exceed our partner’s short and long term needs and expectations. Seamlessly transitioning from concept to product and improving the overall speed to market.

Our R&D capabilities allow us to advance product development, and to drive innovation within the Smile Natural Foods value chain. Engaging in a reiterative process that includes in-house and real-world testing, we are well-equipped to attain the level of quality we and our partners demand.

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Become a strategic partner

Smile Natural Foods has the technical expertise and knowledge to deliver high quality products for major food companies around the world. We create long-lasting relationships with our partners, engaging in genuine collaboration to effectively deliver exceptional products.


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Experts In Sourcing Across The Globe

Commitment to Sustainable Standards

Sourcing is one of our core expertise, we have a talented team and strong  resources to ensure we are able to achieve the ethical and business standards that we hold ourselves to. We will continue to make decisions and engage in business activities with our partners’ interests top of mind.

Smile Natural Foods continually supports and prioritizes implementation of sustainable sourcing policies. Our planet and its resources are integral to our business. In an effort to treat it with the utmost respect and care, we are committed to integrating sustainable practices into our processes where possible. Deep rooted connections with over 40 countries from around the world, allows us to procure a vast line of product ingredients.

Trust us, try our version of apple cinnamon oatmeal, it tastes like no other! 

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We Build Strong Relationships

Pivoting our approach towards success

Our success as a leading food manufacturer is a testament to our agility. With an entrepreneurial approach to business, we have proven our ability to efficiently service and exceed the expectations of some of North America’s largest retailers.

With a commitment to innovation through technology and R&D, we are focused on equipping our partners with a speed-to-market advantage. Supporting and providing ample guidance throughout the entire journey – from concept to final product – we are able to dramatically reduce our partners’ development timelines so that they can focus on delivering beautiful finished products to their loyal customers. What we have and will continue to offer our partners is a customer service experience that is unparalleled. This has allowed us to establish strong, direct relationships with numerous clients and brands across the world. As it stands, we have an industry leading service level of 99.9% and above.

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General Inquiries

For business inquiries contact us via mail or telephone between 8:30AM and 5:30PM, Monday-Friday EST. Our customer service and development team are readily available to serve your company.